10 Top Digital Marketing Courses – Learn From Experts

Keeping up in digital marketing is key because the field changes fast. With so many courses online, finding the best can be tough. Learn the secrets of digital marketing from the 10 top digital marketing courses chosen by experts.

There are both free and paid online courses in digital marketing. Some of the best are CareerFoundry, Google Digital Garage, Udemy, Coursera, and Simplilearn.1 Prices can range from $50 to a few hundred dollars for paid courses. Longer certification programs can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.1 Digital marketing is now a big part of marketing, and knowing it is crucial for many jobs.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a diverse range of digital marketing courses, from free online lessons to comprehensive certification programs.
  • Explore the importance of digital marketing in today’s business landscape and the necessity of acquiring relevant skills.
  • Understand the different types of digital marketing courses, including free, paid, and university-level programs.
  • Gain insights into the top-rated digital marketing courses and their unique features and benefits.
  • Learn how to choose the right digital marketing course that aligns with your goals and learning style.

Ready to take your digital marketing skills to the next level? Explore the 10 top digital marketing courses and become an expert in this thriving field.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing happens online. It uses computers, phones, and other digital tools to sell things. In today’s world, moving from paper ads, sounds, and sights to online ads is a must. While it’s based on old marketing ideas, digital marketing is also new and exciting. It brings techniques like inbound and influencer marketing. these bring products to the people instead of the other way around.2

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Today’s World

Digital marketing is more exact and based on data than ads of the past. Yet, it still needs people skills, creativity, and understanding your audience. Knowing search engines isn’t enough. Digital success needs a mix of hard and soft skills.23

Types of Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing education offers many options. There are free online courses, paid certifications, and degrees. Each type fits different learning needs and goals.

Free Online Courses

Free online courses are perfect for people new to digital marketing. Platforms like LinkedIn and Google offer them. You can learn SEO, social media, and content basics for free.4 These courses help beginners find what they love about digital marketing.

Paid Certification Programs

If you want to dive deeper, try a paid program. They offer a full education and let you earn recognized credentials. You’ll learn more about email marketing, PPC ads, and analytics.4 A certification shows you’re an expert and can lead to new jobs in digital marketing.

University Degrees in Digital Marketing

University degrees are for a thorough education in digital marketing. They take several semesters and cover everything from theory to practice. You’ll learn all about digital marketing strategies and tactics.4 This knowledge prepares you for many career paths in digital marketing.

No matter your experience or preference, there’s a course for you in digital marketing. Each one helps you build the skills needed in this fast-changed field.54

top digital marketing courses

Mastering digital marketing can be challenging, but there are many courses to guide you. You can choose from free online programs to detailed paid courses.6 CareerFoundry’s Digital Marketing Program and LinkedIn Learning’s Become a Digital Marketing Specialist course are worth checking out.

CareerFoundry Digital Marketing Program

CareerFoundry has a free 5-day course and a complete program with mentoring and a job promise.6 The full program guides you through all the basics to be a digital marketing pro. Plus, they pledge you’ll find a job in your field within 180 days of graduating or they’ll refund you.6

LinkedIn Learning: Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

The LinkedIn Learning course is a free primer on digital marketing. It covers SEO, Google Ads, and content and social media marketing.6 It’s a great start for anyone interested in online marketing training and getting a digital marketing certification.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Courses

Learning search engine optimization (SEO) is key for anyone in digital marketing. Luckily, there are many great SEO courses to choose from. Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a top pick, as is Copyblogger’s Content Marketing Tools and Training. SE Ranking’s Content SEO course is another favorite.

Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

The Google course has 26 modules and takes about 40 hours to complete. It teaches the basics of digital marketing, such as content creation and how to use analytics to succeed.7 If you pass the final test, you get certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the Open University.

Copyblogger Content Marketing Tools and Training

Copyblogger’s resource isn’t your standard class. It consists of 20 emails. These emails explore important content marketing topics like writing, SEO, and finding good keywords. It’s a self-paced program that’s great for boosting your content marketing and SEO skills.

SE Ranking Content SEO

The SE Ranking course is ideal for those with some SEO experience. It lasts 2 hours and includes video lectures, practical exercises, and a test you take online. When you pass, you get a certificate that shows you’ve completed the course.8 This course helps you make your content more visible and perform better on search engines.

These courses are perfect for anyone at any SEO skill level. They offer the information and tools needed to excel in content and data-driven marketing.

Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media marketing is key in today’s digital strategy. Courses cover analytics, content creation, and influencer marketing. It’s mainly focused on business, with 557 courses available.9

Coursera Project Network leads with 312 courses, then Meta with 36, and the University of Illinois with 33. Most courses are in English, with 373 options. Followed by Spanish, French, and Portuguese.9

Guided Projects are popular with 312 available. Regular courses follow, at 291. The focus is on beginner level, with 526 courses. Advanced courses offer only 8 options.9

Main skills needed are marketing, required in 352 courses. Social media comes next, at 299.9

Over half the globe uses social media, and this number grows each year. Short videos are now big in marketing. There are more than 2100 social media marketing courses at Class Central. One is free, four are paid.10

These courses have over 559K enrolments. Nearly 30K follow social media marketing at Class Central.10

Skillshare leads with two courses. One on Personal Branding has 44K enrolments and 100% rating. YouTube Success has 59K enrolments and a 99% rating.10

Coursera’s Social Media Marketing course boasts 315K enrolments, with a 4.8 rating. Domestika’s Instagram Strategy has 141K enrolments, with a 96% rating.10

Content Marketing Courses

Content marketing means making and sharing helpful, on-point content. This aims to keep a certain group interested and involved. The field of content marketing is expanding fast, offering more chances for those who want to learn.11

Copyblogger Content Marketing Tools and Training

Copyblogger is your go-to for relevant advice and tips on writing, finding popular words, and getting content just right.11 The Strategy of Content Marketing class on Coursera, made by Copyblogger and UC Davis University, is free too.11

Besides Copyblogger, other content marketing classes and content marketing programs are out there too. From no-cost lessons online to paid-for certificates, there’s something for everyone.11 Great options include Superpath Pro, with prices from $49 to $499,11 and the CXL Technical Content Marketing Program, at $1,499 yearly or $289 monthly.11

If you’re new or want to boost your content marketing know-how, you’ve got lots of choices.11 Keep learning to stay with the latest techniques in this fast-moving field. It’s a solid step towards doing great in content marketing.11

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Courses

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is key in today’s digital world. Businesses pay a small fee each time someone clicks on their online ad. This payment method ensures ads are seen by people interested in their products or services.12

You can learn a lot in PPC courses. They cover things like picking the right keywords, writing good ad copy, and tweaking your campaigns for the best results. For instance, Semrush’s PPC Fundamentals Course takes five hours.12 Meanwhile, you can check out the Microsoft Advertising Certification with 21 modules, also taking about five hours.12

For beginners, Wordstream’s PPC University offers a range of free courses. These include basic to advanced PPC topics, as well as social media advertising. Meta Blueprint Courses also join in, offering their own free lessons on the subject, which can really help with PPC strategies.12

If you’re looking for more advanced training, consider the Digital Marketing Institute’s Paid Search Marketing Course. It’s priced at $445 and takes 10 hours.12 Alternatively, you can try the Coursera Google Ads Beginner Course. It’s two hours long and free for the first week. Plus, the University of Colorado Boulder offers a Social Media Advertising Course. It’s divided into two-hour modules.12

The demand for PPC expertise is growing, with 62% of digital marketers increasing their PPC budgets in 2023. This shift opens more career doors for PPC specialists. In India, PPC Specialists can earn as much as ₹8.0 lakh. This shows it’s a good field to get into.13

Looking to sharpen your PPC skills, whether you’re starting out or a seasoned marketer? There are many ppc advertising courses and ppc advertising classes to choose from. From free online resources to in-depth certification programs, you can find something that fits what you need and want for your career.

Email Marketing Courses

Email marketing is among the top [email marketing tutorials] digital marketing methods. It teaches how to build lists, use automated emails, and make campaigns better.14

Earn a certificate from the Mailchimp Email Academy when you finish their program.14 The SkillShare’s Email Marketing Essentials course offers a 7-day free trial. After that, it’s $14 per month.14 SimpliLearn’s Advanced Email Marketing Certification Training is priced at $499. If you pass their test, you get a certificate.14 During special sales, you can get Reliablesoft’s email marketing course for $119. It normally costs $600. You’ll also get a digital marketing certification.14

Simplilearn’s Advanced Email Marketing course is popular, with over 15,500 people taking it. It has a high 4.5/5 rating.15 The HubSpot Email Marketing Certification program takes about 4 hours to complete.15 Google’s course “Think Outside the Inbox” on Coursera has great ratings. Over 1,400 people gave it 4.8 out of 5 stars.15 At Omnisend Academy, you’ll find Email Marketing 101. Courses last from 3 minutes to 1 hour.15 Mailchimp Academy offers a lot, including articles and courses on Instagram ads, and e-commerce marketing.15 DigitalMarketer’s Email Marketing Mastery course is designed in 10 parts. It’s all about improving your email marketing skills.15

Influencer Marketing Courses

Influencer marketing has caught on big time in the digital world. Now, there are specific courses for this trendy form of marketing. These courses cover how to find the right influencers, manage campaigns, and measure results. [Influencer marketing lessons] have become so popular that the industry has grown ten times in the past five years. This growth shows how effective and profitable influencer marketing can be if done right.16

There are many kinds of courses on influencer marketing. They include short online sessions and longer, more in-depth ones. This variety means there’s something for everyone’s learning style and time availability. For example, there are over 115 videos, adding up to more than 80 hours of material. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to go all in on their personal brand in influencer marketing.16

If you’re a business owner or marketer on a tight budget, don’t worry. There are cost-effective courses designed just for you. These cover a lot, from basic influencer knowledge to finding influencers using both free and paid methods. They also teach you how to track the success of your influencer campaigns.16

Some influencer courses really focus on strategy. They show how to make your influencer and content plans work together well. These strategic courses are taught by experts. For instance, there’s Siim Säinas, who shares his 10 years of social media experience. He focuses on using data to plan, find, and measure your influencer marketing efforts.16

Using influencers on Instagram can make a big difference fast. This approach isn’t limited to one type of business. Instead, influencer marketing courses cover many areas, from selling products online to growing your personal brand or boosting your professional marketing skills.16

Course Description Pricing
Influencer Marketing 101 10 modules and 2 bonus modules covering various aspects of influencer marketing N/A
Instagram Domination Method Comprehensive course on growing influence on Instagram $0
Premier Instagram Influencer 6 modules and over 50 hands-on training videos on Instagram influencer marketing N/A
Related Content 4 modules offering exact systems used by Foundr N/A
Axelrod and Rove Political Strategy Outlines effective political strategy formulation N/A
Instagram Influencer Course Skillshare course requiring a premium account at $19/month $19/month
Influencer Marketing ROI Course Skillshare class on measuring ROI in influencer marketing campaigns Requires premium Skillshare account
TikTok Marketing Course Skillshare course on leveraging TikTok for marketing Requires premium Skillshare account
Influencer Business Program Three subscription levels: Basic ($99/month), Brand Builder ($697/year), and Pro ($1997/year) $99/month, $697/year, or $1997/year
Influencer Strategy Course Offered through CIM, scheduled for specific dates £475
Viral Content Creation Course Udemy course on creating viral content $84.99
Influencer Marketing Campaign Course Free course from Later $0
Influencer Marketing Course Udemy course by Murray Legg $24.99
Influencer Marketing Course Udemy course by Marguerite Conradie $84.99

The Influencer Marketing 101 course from Influencer Marketing Hub consists of 10 modules and 2 bonus modules, covering various aspects of influencer marketing.17 The Instagram Domination Method course from Nathan Chan is priced at $0.17 Nathan Chan’s Premier Instagram Influencer course comprises 6 modules and over 50 hands-on training videos.17 The Related Content course from Foundr by Nathan Chan has 4 modules and offers exact systems used by Foundr.17 The Axelrod and Rove political strategy course outline effective political strategy formulation.17

Sean Dalton’s Instagram influencer course on Skillshare requires a premium account at $19/month.17 Kim W’s Skillshare class on measuring ROI in influencer marketing campaigns necessitates a premium account.17 John Valentine’s TikTok marketing course on Skillshare requires a premium account.17 Brendan Burchard’s Influencer Business Program has three subscription levels: Basic ($99/month), Brand Builder ($697/year), and Pro ($1997/year).17 Michelle Carvill’s influencer strategy course through CIM costs £475 and is scheduled for specific dates.17

Federico Fort’s viral content creation course on Udemy is priced at $84.99.17 Gretta van Riel’s influencer marketing campaign course from Later is free.17 Murray Legg’s Udemy course on influencer marketing costs $24.99.17 Marguerite Conradie’s Udemy influencer marketing course is priced at $84.99.17

Conversion Rate Optimization Courses

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) increases the number of website visitors who act. This could be buying something or joining a newsletter. You’ll learn A/B testing, how to make the website better for users, and how to analyze data.18

Getting a CRO course can boost your website’s success. This means more sales and leads from the same number of visitors. The right course will teach you things whether you’re just starting or already in digital marketing.18

Course Duration Price
“Intro to CRO and Experimentation” by CXL 1 hour $299
Ruben de Boer’s CRO course 8.5 hours $19
DigitalMarketer’s “Certified Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist” 7 hours from $495
Rita Cidre’s CRO course on Fiverr Learn 2.3 hours $4.8

For 2024, there will be 8419 courses on conversion rate optimization online. They vary from 1 hour to 2 days. Covering essentials like Google Analytics, design, and marketing strategies, there’s a lot to learn.19

Most of these19 courses are hands-on and practical. Some even let you try for free. Taught by experts in marketing and CRO, they aim to boost your business and keep customers coming back.19

Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing Courses

Today, analytics and data-driven marketing stand at the core of marketing’s success. They empower you with skills to use data smartly for making better decisions. This results in improving marketing’s effectiveness and the return on your investments.

These courses dive into everything from website analysis to breaking down who your customers are. They show you how to pull out the most important details from the huge amounts of data available. It’s shocking to know that 90% of all data is new and only 0.5% gets looked at.20

If you want to make a move into these roles or boost your skills, many analytics and data-driven marketing courses are out there. You’ll find options online, like at Simplilearn, where over 500,000 pros have learned.20 Or maybe you’re looking for traditional university settings, such as what the University of Delaware or Stanford offers. The right path is out there for you, no matter your preference.

Course Provider Offerings
LinkedIn Learning Offers over 9,000 courses, which cover topics such as social network analysis and machine learning.20
UCLA Extension Has classes in Brand Management, Consumer Market Research, and Predictive Analytics for Marketing.20
American University Its data analytics program takes 12 to 24 months to complete.20
Digital Marketing Institute Teaches search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and more.20
Google Analytics Academy Offers lessons in analytics basics, advanced analytics, and more.20
General Assembly It has data analysis courses in-person and online.20
Alison Covers subjects like machine learning, linear regression, and data analytics methods.20
Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) Exam Can be taken at one of the 700 CAP® exam centers worldwide.20
Columbia University It offers data science courses in various subjects.20
Stanford Center for Professional Development Teaches important topics like machine learning.20
University of Delaware Includes lessons in Analytics Basics, Big Data Tools, and more.20
Dell EMC Teaches big data analytics and the data lifecycle.20

Picking up analytics and data-driven marketing skills will help you turn data into smart decisions. This leads to a more efficient marketing strategy and better returns on what you invest.20

Digital Marketing Career Paths

The world of digital marketing is filled with diverse career paths. Each path has its unique tasks and skills needed. As more businesses go digital,21 new roles keep emerging. Let’s look at some top digital marketing jobs:

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers lead the team’s online strategy. They plan, put into action, and check the outcomes of digital plans. They dive deep into SEO, social media, emails, and more.22 Knowing how to analyze data is key for making smart choices that boost business.

SEO Specialist

SEO pros are all about making websites rank higher in searches. They research keywords, check website health, and tweak pages. Boosting a brand’s online visibility is their game.21 Employers love folks who are ace at SEO and managing social media and marketing tech tools.

Social Media Marketer

Working with all things social, these marketers shape a brand’s online persona. They craft posts, interact with fans, and check on what works. Nearly everyone from Millennials to Boomers is on social media.23 This makes their role in marketing super crucial.

These roles are just the start in digital marketing. With22 job growth soaring, and21 a 20% market increase for specialists expected, this field is full of opportunities. By honing in on your skills, you can set yourself up for a successful career in this ever-changing industry.

How to Choose the Right Course

Look at your goals and how you like to learn when picking a [top digital marketing courses]. Think about what others say and how much it will cost you. This way, you’ll get the best course for you and your wallet.

Consider Your Goals and Learning Style

What do you want from a [digital marketing certification]? Is it the basics, or do you want to dive deep into SEO, social media, or email marketing?24 Knowing how you learn, whether online by yourself or with a group, is key too.25

Evaluate Course Reputation and Reviews

Checking a course’s reputation and reviews can tell you a lot. Aim for ones from big names or experts in the field. Also, see what students say about their real-world skills and their teachers.26

Compare Cost and Value

Prices for digital marketing courses vary a lot. You can find free ones or pricier ones that give you a certificate.25 Look at what you’ll get besides the lessons, like projects or career help. This helps you see if the price matches what you need.


Digital marketing is key in today’s marketing world. Many courses are available to boost your skills. You can find courses and programs online to suit your style and budget.27

Picking the right course can lead to a great career in digital marketing. If you want to get better at SEO, social media, making content, or analyzing data, you have many options.2728

Keep in mind, digital marketing changes fast. Stay up to date and keep learning. Start by looking into top courses and certification options. Online programs can push your career forward.


What is the range of costs for digital marketing courses?

Online digital marketing courses vary in price. You can find free lessons over email. Or, you may pay from to several hundred dollars for a course. Longer programs can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand.

Why is it important to take a digital marketing course?

Today, digital marketing is a key part of all marketing efforts. It’s hard to find an organization that doesn’t use it. Therefore, taking a course to learn these skills is very important.

What are the different types of digital marketing courses available?

The courses come in many forms including free ones online, paid certifications, and degrees. Free courses are good for beginners to learn the basics. Paid programs offer deeper insights and the chance to get certifications. Universities also offer degrees in digital marketing for a more thorough education.

What are some of the top digital marketing courses?

Top courses include CareerFoundry, Google Digital Garage, Udemy, Coursera, and Simplilearn. They teach everything from SEO and social media to content marketing and PPC advertising.

What are the different types of digital marketing skills taught in courses?

You can learn many skills in these courses. That includes SEO, social media, content marketing, PPC, and more. You’ll also learn about influencer marketing, CRO, and how to use data for analysis.

What are the different career paths in digital marketing?

Digital marketing offers jobs like manager, SEO specialist, and social media marketer. Managers lead digital strategy efforts. SEO specialists work to boost content’s search rankings. Social media marketers handle a brand’s online presence.

How do I choose the right digital marketing course?

Think about what you want to achieve and how you like to learn. Check the course’s reputation and cost. Finally, see if it fits your budget and learning style. Do thorough research before choosing a course that fits your goals and budget.

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