Broken Link Building: Boost Your Site’s Authority

Google’s Search Console has found over 200 million broken links on the web alone.1 These broken links hurt a website’s SEO because they make its user experience bad. Yet, they can be a great chance for smart marketers – this is where broken link building comes in.

Broken link building is an effective but underused SEO method. It can greatly improve your website’s authority and visibility. This guide will show you how to use broken link building. It will teach you how to make your website better.2

Broken link building starts by finding broken links on other sites. Then, create similar, top-notch content on your site. Finally, ask the site owner to swap their broken link with yours to enhance the web’s user experience.2 This method not only makes the web better but also gives your site strong backlinks. These backlinks can guide more people to your site and boost your standings on search engines.

Key Takeaways:

  • Broken link building is a potent but often neglected SEO strategy.
  • It means spotting and fixing broken links on other sites with your own good content.
  • Doing this can better your backlink profile, attract interested visitors, and raise your site’s trustworthiness.
  • Using the right tools and methods can make broken link building easier and more effective.
  • Adding broken link building to your SEO strategy is key to getting the most out of it.

What Is Broken Link Building?

Broken link building, also known as dead link building3, is a smart SEO method. It’s about finding broken links on other sites. Then you create similar content on your site and ask the site owner to replace the broken link with yours.

Links that don’t work hurt a website’s SEO score. This is because search engines see it as bad for users. So, many site owners like to fix these links with working ones. This opens a chance for your content to be linked to.

Defining Broken Link Building

Broken link building means fixing broken links to 404 pages by linking to your site3. This approach involves offering help first. By doing this, you could increase the chance of getting your link placed.

Sites with a lot of external links are often where you’ll find broken links. That makes them great places to focus your efforts.

Benefits of Broken Link Building

If you’re diving into SEO or already know your way around, broken link building is a great skill to learn. It helps your site’s backlinks, brings in more targeted visitors, makes the web better, and helps you build a network with other site owners.34

Identifying Broken Links

When starting broken link building, the first step is to find the broken links on websites in your field. This is very important. It shows you where you can improve your SEO.3 To find these links, you need tools that scan sites for non-working links. Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, and Broken Link Checker are key tools.3

Essential Tools for Detecting Broken Links

Using automated tools is smart, but don’t forget manual methods. Browse related websites and use Google tricks to search for 404 error pages or “dead links”.3

Manual Techniques for Finding Broken Links

Pages with lots of external links often have broken links. They are perfect for your broken link building plan.3 Finding these pages by looking for “Resource Pages” using Google can boost your chances. It helps you find pages with many links, making it more likely to spot broken ones.3 Tools like Semrush can also help. They show you all the sites linking to a broken link, helping in outreach strategies.3 Wikipedia is also a good place for finding 404 pages with dead links. Many still link to these, offering more opportunities for this strategy.3

By using both automated scanning and manual search, you’ll build a strong list of broken link opportunities. Leveraging tools like Semrush’s reports on broken external links and broken pages can make this process even better.3

Evaluating Broken Link Opportunities

After finding broken links, the next step is seeing if they’re worth fixing. Some broken links can really boost your site’s SEO. But, not all are that helpful.5 Look at the linking site’s credibility, the content’s relevance, and the traffic. See if your new link will match well, too.5 This way, you prioritize the most beneficial links for your site’s SEO.5 Searching within specific domains or using niche keywords can help find even better chances for broken link building.

Assessing the Value of Broken Links

5 Broken link building often works better than other ways to get links. Website owners are happy to fix their broken links. Plus, quality backlinks can boost your site’s SEO by showing it’s reliable.5 This method helps you get links on popular, trusted sites, which makes your site look better, too.

5 For spotting broken backlinks, using audit tools is common. They check for broken links on websites. This helps you focus on fixing links that will really help your SEO.5 Looking at what links your competitors have lost can be smart. You might take over those links with your own great content.

5 It’s key to reach out to the right people, like writers or managers, with your link fixing idea. Making your message clear, personal, and interesting can get more broken links replaced with your link. This makes your website stronger with better backlinks.

Creating Replacement Content

Good, on-topic content grabs reader’s attention and makes website owners want to swap their broken links with your own. Creating content for broken link building means giving readers something valuable. It also needs to fit well with your site and the link’s topic. Plus, it has to be unique, based on solid research.3

Principles of Producing High-Quality Content

Improving your site’s existing content is key too. You can update it, make it SEO-ready, add images, and enhance its user-friendliness. By doing this, you boost its value and performance. This improves the odds of your content being chosen for broken link replacements.3

Strategies for Improving Existing Site Content

Revamping old content, including more visuals, and making it a better user experience gives it a new shine. This makes it more attractive and SEO-friendly. Taking these steps will help you make SEO content that’s both useful and likely to replace broken links.3

Outreach for Broken Link Replacement

Getting in touch right is key for fixing broken links. The success of your effort depends on it.6 Over the years, reaching out for link replacements has gained popularity.6 But, many old methods just don’t cut it anymore. They’ve become stale and overused.

Crafting Impactful Outreach Emails

When writing outreach emails, make them personal and short. Explain clearly what’s in it for them. Keep a business-like approach.6 Emails for broken link replacements should suggest a link that fits right in. This boosts your chances of success.6 However, sweet-talking too much in emails won’t work. People can tell when you’re laying it on thick.

Managing Follow-ups for Successful Link Building

Sometimes, a second email is needed to get that broken link switched. Time your follow-ups well and stay nice. Make sure they remember why it’s good for them.3 Sharing lots of details about broken links helps.3 And always keep your tone friendly in these messages. It helps a lot.

3 Be sure your emails reach the right person to avoid being ignored.3 It’s okay to skip sites that don’t seem to care. They probably won’t help with your efforts.6 Emails to the wrong person are a waste of time. Aim for those handling content, not the big bosses.

6 Signatures from a link building agency can backfire. People might not trust them.6 Don’t be too eager by offering many links at once. This can put people off.

Good follow-up skills can really up your game in broken link building. Being persistent is good, but be kind and considerate too.

Automating the Broken Link Building Process

Using the right SEO tools can make finding broken links much easier, saving you time and effort. Some top tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and the Screaming Frog SEO Spider can spot these links. Then, Broken Link Checker by Atomseo helps to figure out the best links to fix first.1

When you connect these tools to your work, you lessen the manual checking you have to do. You can automate checking links and quickly deal with many links all at once. This lets you spend more time on important SEO tasks.1

Integrating Broken Link Building into Your SEO Workflow

Adding broken link building to your SEO workflow helps a lot.1 First, check your site and competitor’s for broken links regularly. You can use tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Broken Link Checker by Atomseo. Also, manual searches work. Look for opportunities with these methods.1 Next, pick the most valuable broken links. Consider their domain authority, relevance, and how much traffic they get.1

After finding them, make new content to replace these broken links. It should fit the site it’ll link to. Then, reach out to the website owner with a friendly email. Keep following up but don’t overdo it.7 Make fixing broken links part of your SEO work. This includes creating content, keeping an eye on the links you get, and checking how well your website performs. Doing this regularly brings in more backlinks. It also helps your website stay strong and trusted online.

Advanced Broken Link Prospecting Techniques

For better results in broken link prospecting, it helps to use advanced methods. One great way is to use search operators. These tools make it easier to find high-quality broken link building chances. They allow you to target specific pages more effectively. For example, “site:”, “intext:”, and “inurl:” can point you to pages with likely broken links, like old blog posts or pages where a product is no longer sold.8

Using Search Operators

Finding broken link building opportunities on Wikipedia is also smart. Wikipedia has lots of pages that link to other sites. By finding broken links there, you can get chances to build links from credible sources.3

Leveraging Wikipedia for Broken Link Building

Use search operators along with the wealth of information on Wikipedia to broaden your search. This approach helps you discover more valuable link building chances.73

Benefits of Broken Link Building

Broken link building helps your website by getting links from other trusted sites. This makes your site look good to search engines. So, you look more trustworthy and get more visitors who are interested in your topic.5You also make the web better for everyone by helping to fix broken links. Search engines like it when you do that and may show your site more because of it.5Plus, you can make friends with other website owners. This opens up chances for more links in the future and sometimes, working together on projects.5Done right, broken link building boosts your site’s spot in search results, brings in more people, and makes your brand stand out more.

Compared to other ways of getting links, broken link building is often more successful. That’s because you’re solving a problem for website owners and giving them a reason to link to you.5 You might get links from pages that are already popular and trusted,5 or even get links that used to point to your competitors.5 It’s a smart way to come up with new content people want to link to as well.5 Using tools like Semrush’s Backlink Audit is helpful in this. They can find where your broken backlinks are, point out the pages with errors, and help avoid bad links.5

Around 5-10% of the time when you do broken link building, you might get a link back.9 This method can help increase your website’s visitors and make your site better for the people who visit.9 But not all sites will have the same success with it.9 Because it’s not as common, it can give you a bit of an edge over others.9

Reaching out to many sites can make you more likely to get links, but it takes a lot of time if you do it by yourself.9 So, it might be worth it to look into services that help with broken link building.9

Finding and Replacing Broken Links

The first big step in broken link building is finding broken links. There are two main ways to do this. You can use special tools to search many pages fast. Or, you can look through websites yourself.3 These tools check many sites at once for issues like 404 errors. They can find a lot of problems. But, sometimes, you need to look on your own to find links tools might miss.3 This mix of using tools and looking yourself helps get a full list of broken link building chances.

Crawling Tools for Broken Link Discovery

Tools that search many pages at once are key. They can quickly check lots of sites for issues like 404 errors.3 Using what these tools find is great for learning more about your site and others. It helps plan how you’ll approach broken link building.

Manual Searching for Niche Opportunities

Looking through websites yourself can also help. You might find links that are more specific to your interest this way. It’s a focused approach.3 This method can uncover links that are perfect for what you’re trying to achieve. It’s about meeting your exact needs and the needs of those visiting your site.

Tool Feature Benefit
Ahrefs Site Audit Comprehensive broken link discovery and link rot detection across your website and competitors’.
Majestic Backlink Checker Identify broken backlinks to your site and opportunities for broken link building.
Moz Link Explorer Analyze your link profile and find 404 error finder opportunities for website audit and broken link building.
SERPstat Broken Link Finder Scan web pages to uncover broken link discovery and link rot detection issues.

Creating Replacement Content Assets

Once you’ve found valuable broken links, create better content to replace them. This new content creation should add value to where the link was and fit right in. Make sure it’s useful, interesting, and unique. And, don’t forget to make it good for SEO by using the right keywords and making it user-friendly.7

But, you don’t have to start from scratch. Improve what you already have by updating old info, adding images, and making the experience better. By doing this, you make broken link replacements that site owners will want to use instead of their broken links.7

Outreach for Broken Link Replacements

Effective outreach is key for successful broken link building.6 It’s important to send emails that are personal. Address site owners by their name and explain the benefits of using your link clearly.6 Be professional but keep it short.

Personalized Emails

Using a personal touch in broken link outreach is crucial. Addressing site owners directly can boost your reply rate.6 It shows them you care about meeting their specific needs.6 Remember, broken link building is like offering a helpful service to others.

Persistence in Outreach

Don’t give up easily in your outreach efforts.6 It might take several emails over time to get a reply. Focus on websites that are still updated, as they are more likely to respond.3 Avoid sites that seem abandoned.

Communicating Value

Explain how your content fixes the problem caused by the broken link in your emails.3 This makes your offer more attractive. Offering a suitable replacement link usually gets a better response.3 Also, include detailed info about the issue to raise your chances of success.

Combine custom emails, follow-ups, and clearly stating your content’s value.6 Be polite and not too forceful in your approach.3 Make sure you contact the right person in the organization.3

Managed Broken Link Building Services

Working with a specialized service for big broken link projects offers many benefits. These services use special software. It does everything from looking for links to tracking performance.7 This special tech makes every step work better, leading to top-notch results every time.7

Proprietary Software Suites

The software these services use covers all needed areas. It spots broken links with ease,7 ranks them based on authority and relevance,5 and sends personalized emails automatically.7 With this technology, companies can boost their link building success.

Campaign Analytics and Reporting

These services also provide detailed reports on your campaign. This gives a full picture of success and where to improve.7 The software can tell you what’s working and what needs fixing. It helps you make smart choices to better your SEO plan.7

Using a managed service helps you get better at link building. You’ll see nicer results without using as much of your own time. This lets your team focus on other important SEO tasks.7

Maintaining a Healthy Link Profile

Getting new backlinks is key, but keeping your link profile healthy is just as crucial.10 Search engines see backlinks as a site’s trust level and a key in ranking by Google.10 How you get these backlinks can also affect your link profile’s health.

Audit your site’s links often to find broken or risky ones. Using Google Search Console and Ahrefs’ Site Audit makes this task easier.10 They give you a full picture of your link status. Google Search Console offers basic info on links, while Ahrefs dives deeper into your site’s link health.

Fix problems like broken links quickly to keep search engines happy and your ranking high.10 A good link profile has connections from relevant sites, fitting content, natural anchor text, and a mix of sources.10 It’s also about the freshness and even spread of links on your site.

Keeping a top-notch link profile is vital for SEO success over time. Use legit link-building tactics like finding broken links, guest posting, or the Skyscraper method.10 While link-building tools can make things easier, avoid dodgy practices to keep your profile strong and lasting.

Choosing the Right Broken Link Building Service

When picking a broken link building service, do your homework. Choose firms with a great track record and solid tech tools. They should show how they help others in your field and be clear about their methods.7

Vetting Potential Partners

Watch out for very low prices; they might mean the team is too busy. Make sure they offer personal outreach. Also, check they follow the rules and only use fair, legit methods.7

Evaluating Pricing and Results

By carefully looking at what they offer and their past work, you can find the best broken link building service. This will help boost your website’s SEO game and make it more visible online.73


What is broken link building?

Broken link building is where you look for links on other sites that no longer work. You then create similar content on your site. Afterward, you ask the site’s owner to replace their broken link with a link to your content.

What are the benefits of broken link building?

Broken link building can help your website in many ways. It improves your backlinks, brings in useful visitors, makes the web better, and helps you connect with other website owners.

How do you identify broken links?

To find dead links, you can use several tools such as Google Search Console and Ahrefs. A manual way is to look through websites in your field. You use special Google searches to spot error pages or find mentions of broken links.

How do you evaluate the potential value of a broken link?

Looking at a broken link’s value includes checking the website’s reputation (like domain authority) and the relevance of the content. Consider how much traffic the page gets and if your new content would be a good fit.

What principles should guide the creation of replacement content?

Your content for broken link building should add value and be relevant to both your site and the one linking. It should be original, well-researched, and engaging for readers.

How do you effectively reach out to site owners for broken link replacements?

Personalize your email when you reach out. Keep it short but clear about why it’s beneficial. And always stay professional. Follow-up emails often help in getting the broken link replaced.

What tools can help streamline the broken link building process?

Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Screaming Frog SEO Spider are great for finding broken links. Broken Link Checker by Atomseo provides good insights too. These tools help you fix links more efficiently.

How can you integrate broken link building into your overall SEO workflow?

Begin by checking your own and your competitor’s websites regularly for broken link chances. Use tools and manual searches to find these. Make fixing broken links a standard part of your SEO work like when creating content and monitoring links.

What are some advanced techniques for broken link prospecting?

Advanced search operators can refine your hunt for broken links, making it quicker. Looking for opportunities on Wikipedia can also be smart. Its resource pages may link to external pages, offering chances for broken link building.

How do you find and replace broken links on your own website?

Use tools and manual searches to find broken links on your site. Once found, offer site owners new content to replace the faulty links.

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