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25+ Unique Digital Giveaway Ideas to Boost Engagement

Did you know, over 70% of consumers have tried online giveaways or contests in the last year?1 These digital events are now key for businesses. They help reach out to people, make brands known, and get real marketing wins. In this guide, we’ll show you over 25 fresh digital giveaway ideas. They’ll amp up your marketing and meet your goals.

We’ll talk about all kinds – from the usual sweepstakes to cool ideas on social media or for keeping customers loyal. No matter what you aim for – more emails, site visits, or brand hype – this list will help. It’s full of tips to make your digital giveaway a hit.1

Key Takeaways

  • Digital giveaways are a powerful tool for boosting engagement, building brand awareness, and driving tangible marketing results.
  • There are 25+ unique digital giveaway ideas, ranging from classic sweepstakes to innovative social media contests and loyalty program incentives.
  • Successful digital giveaways require clearly defined goals, relevant prizes, easy entry, prominent promotion, targeted traffic, and a touch of gamification.
  • Digital giveaways can be hosted on social media, websites, or through special giveaway apps, with winners typically selected randomly or based on specific criteria.
  • Effective digital giveaway campaigns leverage tactics like unique hashtags, strategic platform selection, and collaborations with influencers to maximize reach and engagement.

Why Run Digital Giveaways

Digital giveaways are great for increasing brand awareness, growing email lists, and boosting website traffic.2 They help by offering valuable prizes. This attracts potential customers. People get involved with the brand by actions like following on social media or signing up for emails. With giveaways, brands reach more people and create a buzz. This means more people might find out about the brand, leading to possible new business.2

Increase Brand Awareness

Giveaways make more people aware of a brand. They create a buzz. This can lead to more visibility and maybe new customers.2

Build Email Lists

By asking for an email to enter a giveaway, businesses can get more emails. This helps grow a contact list. Then, they can continue to connect with those leads.2

Drive Website Traffic

Giveaways send people to a website. This can boost site activity and turn some visitors into customers.2

Keys to a Successful Digital Giveaway

To make your digital giveaway work, focus on a few important things. First, clearly state what you want to achieve. This could be growing your email list, getting more people on your website, or making your brand better known.2 It’s also key to offer prizes that fit well with what your business does. This way, you attract people who are already interested in what you offer, boosting the giveaway’s popularity.

Clearly Define Goals

Set specific goals for the giveaway. Decide if you want to get more leads, spread the word about your brand, or increase sales.2 Having a clear goal makes your giveaway more focused and successful.

Offer Relevant Prizes

Choose prizes that connect to what your business sells or does. This makes them more appealing to your target audience. For small businesses, gift cards, excluding Amazon, are a great choice.2

Make Entry Easy

Keep the entry process simple. This encourages more people to join. It also boosts how many entries you get.2

Promote Prominently

Advertise your giveaway where people visit you most. This means on your website, social media, and through email. It helps get more eyes on your giveaway and drives up entries.23 A good idea for monthly giveaways on online stores is to have a sweepstake. You can give out prizes for tasks like bringing in new customers or signing up for newsletters.

Drive Traffic to the Giveaway

Getting people to your giveaway page is crucial. You might need to use ads along with your usual ways. On platforms like Facebook or Instagram, setting this up can be low cost and effective.2

Gamify the Experience

Spicing up your giveaway with a game can be fun. A spin-the-wheel or a photo contest can make people more interested. Wisepops’ suggests focusing on six main things for a good giveaway, including making it fun and interactive.2

Free Item Giveaway

A free item giveaway is a simple online event. Businesses offer products or services at no cost.4 To join, people often have to sign up for updates, follow a page, or share a post.2 This method helps spread the word about a brand, gather emails, and bring more visitors to a site.4 Companies might work together to host these, making the event even more popular.4

Handing out product samples for free is common and smart. It lets businesses show off new items and gives people fun surprises.4 Giveaways on social media not only grow followings and convert curious folks to customers but also boost how well people know and trust a brand.4 Teaming up with other businesses to do these can reach folks who haven’t heard of you yet, broadening your market.4

Online sweepstakes are great for sparking interest worldwide. They boost participation through fun contests.4 Define what you aim to achieve clearly, like adding to an email list, to make the most of a giveaway.2 Paying for ads on social media could draw in more people, improving the odds of meeting your goal.2

Free Product with Purchase

Businesses offer a free product with a certain purchase amount. This strategy boosts sales quickly. It also makes customers spend more on each order.5 Selling two popular items at a discount for a limited time creates urgency. This drives sales up.5 They promote these deals with website popups or banners. This way, the message is visible without changing the site’s content.

5 BOGO deals are very popular. If a customer leaves items in their online cart, sending them coupons can bring them back. Around 88% of these potential customers can be won back with coupons.5 People love cash back because it feels like saving. It encourages them to shop again. Coupons and vouchers are sent through various ways, like email or on websites, to attract repeat customers.

Sweepstakes and Contests

Sweepstakes and contests make for fun digital competitions. Here’s how they work: people do certain things to enter, like share with friends, sign up for emails, or like a post on social media. Then, someone lucky gets a cool prize.2 These contests are great for online shops. They help find new customers and keep current ones interested.2 You’ll often see ads for these contests on websites. They might pop up when you visit or be at the top of the page.

The 2023 Sprout Social Index™ shows that a quarter of consumers like when brands support big causes.4 Doing giveaways on social media can really pay off. They get more people to like your page, bring in new customers, and make your brand more known and loved.4 These contests are also a neat way to introduce new stuff or team up with others. You can show your things to lots of different folks.4

Getting your followers to share the giveaway with friends is a smart move. It gets the word out fast. Doing themed contests during the holidays or changing seasons is another cool trick. It gets people more interested in what you sell.4 There are lots of fun ideas for giveaways on social media. Things like traveling, mystery prizes, celebrating milestones, and joining with other brands. Giving back is always a hit too.4

So, how do you know if your giveaway is a hit? Using tools like Sprout Social can help. They let you see how many people are talking about it, if your follower numbers are growing, and how much people are interacting with your posts.4

Product Launch Giveaway

A product launch giveaway is a fun way for companies to spread the word about a new item.2 They might give away the new product or a similar one as a prize. They could also use a countdown to get people excited.2 These giveaways draw more visitors to the company’s site and make people aware of the new product.2

Companies can include such giveaways in their online marketing to capitalize on the buzz of a new launch.2 This not only helps in gathering leads and more site visits but also builds up excitement among possible buyers.2 Adding a gaming element like a spin-to-win or a photo contest can make it more fun and engage more people.2

For a giveaway to really work, companies must have clear goals, like raising brand exposure or getting key customer information.2 The prize should be something the target audience really wants. This will make people more eager to participate.2 They should promote the giveaway widely online to attract as many participants as possible and heighten the pre-launch buzz.2

In the end, a well-thought product launch giveaway can work wonders for any business.2 It uses the product launch’s natural excitement to leave a positive memory with customers. This helps in growing leads and getting the new product known.2

Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)

A BOGO giveaway is a digital promo where customers buy something to get an extra item for free.6 It’s a clever move for businesses wanting to sell off extra stock or boost sales quickly.6 They often put these deals in website popups or banners for easy customer access.

6 BOGO deals are loved by retailers for upping sales and drawing eyes to more items in the shop.6 People think BOGO offers give great value. Some even look for coupons online before buying6. Having these offers for a limited time makes folks buy quicker.

6 The article explains five types of BOGO sales that are great for online shops: Buy One Get One Half Off, Choose One from A and Get One from B for Free, Purchase One and Get Free Samples, Buy Two and Get a Third Free, and Buy Product X with % Off on Product Y.

6 It’s smart to do BOGO offers for items that need restocking, ones that go well together, products used in pairs, and things with a 50% profit margin6. Good practices with BOGOs are to time them well, tell customers early about the offer, pick products that go together well, not have too many at once, and watch sales to fine-tune offers.

Spin-to-Win Wheels

Spin-to-win digital giveaways are a fun way for companies to offer prizes. These prizes can be discounts, freebies, or hidden deals.7 Customers can spin a virtual wheel to try their luck. This can make things exciting and get more people involved.7 Businesses love this tool because it’s easy to set up on their websites or apps.

7 These wheel games are getting more and more popular. They are found at trade shows, in offices, and even on the street.7 Some stores let you spin a wheel for free stuff if you sign up for something. This cleverly brings in new customers.

8 For example, Fisiomarket had a great success with their Spin the Wheel game. It turned website visitors into people really interested in their products.8 Tools like fitness wheels get people excited to exercise. 73% of Americans said they’d work out more with this approach. That’s a lot of interest.

8 TravelUp used this tactic on big shopping days and holidays. They made their brand more known and got people involved.8 You often see these spinning wheels with logos. They’re great at pulling in customer information for companies.

8 Offering prizes and deals through these games keeps old customers happy and might bring them back.8 Even small places like Raro Tattoo in Canada have managed to grow their business this way.

8 These digital wheels can really do a lot for marketing. They’re good for making the brand more recognized, keeping current customers, and selling more.8 Choosing the right gifts for the right people can get more people interested, especially if it’s something they really want.

Photo or Video Contest

Photo or video contests are a great way for businesses to connect with their customers online.9 People enter by sharing cool photos or videos that show the company’s products. The best entry gets a prize.4 It’s a smart move to get more people talking and sharing about the brand on social media.

These contests help brands introduce new items, make friends, create special groups, and collect content from users.4 Photo contests are especially good at this because they fit with the current love for taking pictures with phones.9 Making videos can help companies get more followers on YouTube and share their message wider.10

For a photo or video contest to be a hit, companies should aim for specific goals and figure out what they can spend.4 Knowing what kind of prizes will draw people’s attention is key.10

Quiz or Survey Giveaway

A quiz or survey giveaway involves getting prizes for answering questions related to a business or field.2 It helps a company learn about customers while getting their feedback. This creates opportunities to get new leads.2 To join, customers usually use tools like website popups or forms embedded on sites.2

Asphalte’s approach with quizzes and surveys is a success, bringing about 4,000 new leads monthly.2 These contests let businesses interact with customers, learn from them, and grow their email lists. Offering something in return encourages more people to participate.2 Matching the quiz or survey topics with what the business offers helps identify more interested customers.2

When creating these contests, it’s key to make sure the questions matter, the way in is easy, and the prizes are appealing.2 Promoting the contest well on your website and online helps more people see it and join. This boosts its success.2

Using these strategies, companies can draw in new customers, learn their tastes, and deepen their loyalty.2 This approach is potent for companies seeking to bolster their digital presence with enticing offers, contests, and giveaways that pull in more leads.2

Gift Card Giveaway

Businesses like to use gift card giveaways. They let customers pick their own prize.11 This can be done with the store’s own cards or by partnering with other brands.11 It’s a great way to make customers more loyal and engaged.11

The digital gift card market has been growing fast. It went from $342.66 billion in 2022 to $405.17 billion in 2023. By 2027, it’s expected to hit $740.41 billion.12 Retailers find gift cards a budget-friendly reward because they often go unused.12 The market for digital gift cards is on the rise, according to experts.12

Gift card promos catch the eye of many people. Brands like Amazon, Xbox, and Netflix draw big crowds. There are also others like Starbucks, Walmart, and Sephora.11 Online shops have found success with gift cards. This success shows how well this strategy works.11

Many industries can benefit from using gift card giveaways. Phone companies, for instance, have found success. Samsung, for example, gives out gift cards for accessories.11 Clothing stores use these giveaways to get more people in their stores. It helps them avoid the problem of picking the wrong size.11 Makeup and beauty brands also do well with gift cards. It leads to more people getting interested, which helps grow their business.11 For games and entertainment, gift cards work great. They appeal to fans of Twitch, Xbox, and Netflix.11

Gift cards are linked to many positive feelings. They involve excitement, a sense of control, and sharing things with friends. They’re also easy to use.12 Businesses use gift cards to make money, attract new clients, and encourage more spending. They can track results and fight fraud too.12 Examples include a $2500 gift card from James Allen and $15 cards from Sephora.12

Brands use gift card giveaways to get more shoppers and boost their online image.11 Giving out their own gift cards saves money and makes winners more loyal.11

digital giveaway ideas

Businesses can spice up their digital giveaways with social media contests. They can also give out product samples, hold online sweepstakes, and offer virtual gift cards. These methods are great for drawing in customers and reaching their marketing targets.13

Social Media Contests

Running contests on social media can really make a brand stand out. On average, a brand might gain 17,500 new followers through these activities. Plus, unique contests, like the picture upload one at Barrow Mansion, can truly boost engagement. The proof is in the stats – dog contests draw big crowds online.13

Free Product Samples

Handing out free samples is a smart way to get your new products known. It starts people talking about your brand. When businesses give away quality samples, they get people interested. This interest could turn them into regular fans of the brand.14

Online Sweepstakes

Online sweepstakes are fun because people love the idea of winning something. Brands offering great prizes, like big gift cards, can really pull customers in. This encourages people to join in and interact, meeting the brand’s goals.14

Virtual Gift Cards

Virtual gift cards let customers choose what they love most. They are a hit with people because they offer flexibility. Using them in giveaways can create a stronger bond between customers and the brand.14

Branded Merchandise Giveaways

Branded merchandise giveaways are a fun and effective way for businesses to share their brand. They hand out things like t-shirts and hats to boost their visibility. This also helps create loyal customers who feel part of a special community.15 The market for these giveaway items hit $25 billion in 2022, showing how big they are.15 Customers usually hang onto these items for about five months, which means a lot of people see them.

These giveaways work great when shared on social media. This strategy helps businesses reach more people and get them to share the love. A poll found that 80% of folks like brands focused on helping the planet, so eco-friendly items are key.15 Also, 72% think the quality of giveaway items says a lot about the brand’s image, proving that top-notch products make a difference.

16 The cost for these promotional items usually falls between $4.68 and $42.70. The items most bought in bulk, which cost $10 or less, are the best bang for the buck.16 Typically, businesses spend around $15 to $30 on giveaway items. Things like pens, stickers, and t-shirts are great for keeping a brand in people’s minds.

15 It’s smart for companies to set clear goals for their giveaways. They might want to boost their name, get more leads, or increase sales. To see if these giveaways work, they should keep track of website visits, social media likes, and other data.15 Checking on brand impressions, website hits, and how many new customers they get are all good ways to see if these giveaways are helping.

15 Picking creative, memorable items is essential. It’s also key to tell a good brand story and keep track of what’s working and what’s not. This way, businesses can make the most out of their giveaways and not waste their efforts.

Content Unlock Rewards

🎁 Content unlock rewards are a perfect way for businesses to gather leads and connect with their audience. They offer special content like e-books, videos, or webinars for actions like joining an email list or following on social media.17 This is very effective because people’s attention spans are getting shorter, dropping from 12 seconds to 8.25 seconds. So, giving out instant value is key.17

Making sure the content fits your audience’s needs is vital for these rewards to succeed.17 Choosing content that shares your brand’s knowledge and meets your followers’ interests not only brings in new leads but turns them into active fans.17 Adding attractive product images can also boost your entries and encourage more people to take part in the giveaway.17

Planning ahead with an editorial calendar is a smart move for your content rewards.17 It lets you offer helpful resources regularly and strengthen your brand’s image. And, promoting your giveaway with paid ads on social media will ensure the right audience sees it, helping your brand get more recognition.17

Using content unlock rewards can do wonders for growing your business and winning over customers. They offer a way to connect with people through valuable information, leading to more sales and strong customer relationships. Done right, this strategy is an excellent way to grow and keep in touch with your audience.17

Loyalty Program Prizes

Using digital giveaways in your loyalty program can really make customers happy.18 You reward them with special perks or prizes when they hit goals or bring in new people.18 This can boost your relationship with them, make them come back, and spread the word.18

Digital giveaway ideas are great for keeping customers coming back for more.18 People who come back spend a lot more, which makes these programs very important.18

Adding fun games and rewards to your loyalty plan can also work wonders.18 Walgreens saw more loyalty and sales after they started using games.18 The retail world loves these ideas, showing they work well.18

Combining your digital giveaway ideas with a strong loyalty plan creates magic.18 Lots of people have used rewards recently, so there’s a big chance to win them over with your offers.18

Referral Incentives

Referral-based digital giveaways reward customers for bringing in new business. People can win prizes or get discounts by referring friends who then buy something or sign up.19 These programs help a company grow and make customers more loyal.20

Choosing the right reward is key for a referral program’s success.19 The article has 11 tips for a great program. It talks about using two-sided rewards, matching discounts to the product’s price, and smart email strategies.19

Programs that reward both the referrer and the friend are best.19 For expensive items, a fixed discount works well. For cheaper products, a percent off might be more appealing.19 Effective email ads can bring in a lot of money, up to $40 for every $1 spent.19

A good email ad is clear and motivating.19 It should highlight what both the referrer and friend gain. And it must explain the terms of the referral offer.19 Using store credit, cash, or surprise gifts as incentives often works.19

Improving loyalty can also happen by offering service or product upgrades to referrers.19 Evernote, for example, lets customers refer friends through email, social media, or simple copying and pasting.19

Companies can gain referrals not just from customers but also from partners and employees.21 Special campaigns during holidays can make referrals more exciting.21

Rewards like gift cards or upgraded services boost referral program success.21 Recognizing top referrers in testimonials raises a company’s credibility, especially in B2B situations.21


Businesses can use plenty of unique digital giveaway ideas22 to up their game. These ideas help get more people involved, make the brand more known, and reach marketing targets. Whether it’s giving away free items or organizing contests, the secret is picking what works best for the goals and the people they’re aiming at. Key steps include setting clear goals, choosing prize wisely, and letting everyone know about the giveaway. This way, businesses can run digital giveaways that really make a difference.

With more than22 100 templates available through tools like ShortStack, creating fun contests and games is easy. You could try everything from a dream wish list contest to a photo contest. Templates like the Trivia Quiz make giveaways more engaging. And templates for Multi-Day Giveaway Calendars keep the excitement going, drawing in more people and making a bigger impact.

Keeping an eye on the important numbers, like how many people sign up and how many turn into sales, is crucial22. This way, businesses can fine-tune their digital giveaway plans to work better. Plus, with American businesses spending about23 $20 billion every year on giveaways, it’s a trend worth joining. Whether it’s offering coupons, gift cards, or special products,23 digital giveaways are a great way to connect with people, make them love your brand more, and see real business results.


What are some unique digital giveaway ideas to boost engagement?

There are many fun digital giveaway ideas. These include free item giveaways, sweepstakes, and BOGO offers. You can try photo or video contests, quiz, or survey giveaways. Plus there are gift card giveaways and more.

Why should businesses run digital giveaways?

Digital giveaways are great for boosting brand awareness and growing your email list. They also bring more people to your website. By offering cool prizes, companies grab the interest of new customers.

What are the keys to running a successful digital giveaway?

For a successful giveaway, clear goals are a must. Choose prizes that people really want. Keep the entry process easy. Promote it well. Use features like virtual wheels to make it fun for participants.

What is a free item giveaway?

Free item giveaways are simple and effective. Businesses give products or services for free. People might need to sign up for a newsletter or follow a social media account. This boosts brand awareness, email lists, and website visits.

What is a free product with purchase giveaway?

In this giveaway, customers buy something and get a free additional item. It makes customers spend more to receive the free product. This boosts sales quickly.

What are sweepstakes and contests?

These involve actions from participants to win. For instance, share a post or refer friends. They are good for finding new leads and increasing interaction with your brand.

What is a product launch giveaway?

These giveaways create a buzz around a new product. A new or related item is the prize. Using a countdown adds to the excitement.

What is a BOGO (buy one, get one free) giveaway?

Bogo giveaways get customers to buy one item to get another free. They are good for selling extra stock or increasing sales quickly.

What is a spin-to-win digital giveaway?

This is a fun way to give out prizes. Customers spin a wheel online. They can win various things, like discounts or free items. It makes the experience more engaging.

What is a photo or video contest?

Businesses ask for creative photos or videos of their products. The best one wins a prize. This boosts community engagement.

What is a quiz or survey giveaway?

This giveaway offers prizes for completing a quiz or survey. It helps collect data and feedback. Plus, it brings in new leads.

What is a gift card giveaway?

These are popular because they let the winner choose their own prize. They can be for the business or partner stores.

What other digital giveaway ideas can businesses consider?

There are more ideas like social media contests, free samples, and virtual gift cards. These also work well for engaging customers and meeting marketing goals.

What are branded merchandise giveaways?

With these giveaways, businesses give out items like t-shirts or hats. It promotes the brand and creates customer loyalty.

What are content unlock rewards?

This type of giveaway offers exclusive content for customer actions. For example, they can get a free e-book for signing up. It’s great for building a customer base.

How can businesses incorporate digital giveaways into their loyalty programs?

Giving digital rewards in loyalty programs keeps customers engaged. It might include prizes for milestones or for referring friends.

What are referral-based digital giveaways?

These giveaways reward customers who bring in new leads. This can include anything from prizes to discounts. It’s an excellent way for businesses to grow.

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