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Top 10 Best YouTube Channels for Digital Marketing – Updated 2024

Did you know, a single digital marketing YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers?1 YouTube is key for marketers to learn new skills and stay updated. In our guide, we list the top 10 YouTube channels for digital marketing in 2024. They cover everything from SaaS to SEO and social media strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube offers a treasure trove of educational content for digital marketers of all levels
  • Top channels cover diverse topics like SaaS, social media, SEO, content marketing, and more
  • Many channels feature leading experts with massive subscriber bases and proven track records
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and strategies is crucial for success
  • YouTube is a cost-effective alternative to expensive conferences and training programs

Introduction to Top Digital Marketing YouTube Channels

The world of marketing is always changing. To keep up, professionals need the latest information and skills. Yet, traditional events and conferences aren’t always easy to attend. Luckily, YouTube is here to help. It offers a ton of resources for marketers. This means you can improve your skills and know what’s new in no time.1

The Importance of Learning Digital Marketing from Experts

In digital marketing, speed is key. Learning from those who have succeeded is vital. These experts offer valuable insights, new methods, and the inspiration to keep growing. So, turn to the thought leaders in the field to stay at the top of your game.2

The Benefits of Using YouTube for Digital Marketing Education

YouTube is a treasure trove for marketers. It offers content from the top minds in the business, available anytime, anywhere. You’ll find everything from detailed guides to real-world examples. This makes it a must-visit for anyone in marketing who wants to stay ahead.123

Dan Martell’s Channel: Best for SaaS and Startup Marketing

Are you a SaaS or startup founder who wants to grow fast? Dan Martell’s YouTube channel is perfect for you. More than 600 SaaS founders have benefitted from his advice.4

He covers everything you need to know about branding, marketing, and project management. With over 150,000 people following his SaaS Marketing playlist, his videos are a goldmine.4

Even if you’re just starting, Dan’s insights can help you succeed. He talks about his own experiences, sharing both his successes and mistakes. This gives you a real look at what it takes to grow a tech startup.4

Dan’s YouTube channel is more than just tips. It’s full of practical advice and his friendly teaching style makes it easy to learn. That’s why so many in the startup world follow his advice closely.4

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Channel: Influential Thought Leader in Marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel is followed by over 3 million people.5 He’s famous for his bold style and practical advice.6 Vaynerchuk talks about marketing, business, and self-growth topics.6 He’s known for his unique approach, telling big companies to act like small startups.7

Gary Vee’s Personality and Motivation

Vaynerchuk’s passion and realness make him stand out as a mentor.7 He stresses the value of being patient and working hard for social media success.5 Vaynerchuk showed early determination in business, from selling lemonade to washing cars.7

Insights into Current Marketing Trends

Gary Vaynerchuk uses many platforms to connect with all sorts of people.6 He says keeping your message consistent builds trust and recognition.6 Vaynerchuk is seen as a leader in marketing and business because he shares the latest info and talks about new tech.6 He turns this attention into business and public speaking opportunities.6

Vaynerchuk’s YouTube is known for being real and unscripted.6 His podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience, offers insightful interviews and discussions.6 He makes sure to create new content every day to keep his followers interested.6 Trying new apps like TikTok early shows his keenness to try new things in the social media world.6

HubSpot’s Channel: Inbound Marketing Pioneers

HubSpot’s YouTube channel is a top choice for many with over 150,000 subscribers. It’s perfect for any inbound marketer’s video list.8 This channel is from HubSpot Marketing, a big name in inbound marketing and sales tech. They share loads of info on digital marketing, sales, and how to take care of customers better.

On HubSpot’s channel, you’ll find tutorials and real-life examples. They talk about email marketing, using social media, getting new leads, and how to use marketing tools. All these help marketers learn how to attract, keep happy, and surprise customers while they shop around.8 If you follow their YouTube, you’ll get advice and tips to improve your marketing game and get better at what you do.

Inbound Conference Keynotes

If you want the scoop on what’s new and working in marketing, check out the HubSpot channel. They have keynotes from the Inbound Conference that are fresh and useful.8 These talks really get into what’s hot and effective in inbound marketing. They help you be at the top of your game and get great results for your work.

Inbound Marketing Strategies and Tips

The HubSpot channel isn’t just good for conference talks. It’s full of how-to’s and advice on doing inbound marketing right.8 There’s a lot on lead generation, making content, using social media, and automation. These are gold for folks who want to pull off solid inbound plans and help their places grow.

Marie Forleo’s Channel: Business Strategies and Self-Improvement

Marie Forleo is a top entrepreneur on YouTube with over 150,000 subscribers. She’s a leading light there.1 Her YouTube channel is a lively place full of entrepreneurial wisdom, creative ideas, and empowerment. It covers many topics, including business strategy, personal growth, and finding balance in life and work.9

Marketing Strategies for Your Business Playlist

Marie is no stranger to success. She’s a bestselling author, business coach, and the face behind this vibrant channel. Here, she shares actionable tips, mind shifts, and strategies for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.9 She builds a supportive worldwide community, helping entrepreneurs increase knowledge, gain confidence, and celebrate their unique talents.9

On her channel, you’ll find a focus on growing as an entrepreneur and as a person. She provides the tools, resources, and encouragement you need. This support is aimed at your business success and growth as a person.9

Taking center stage on the channel are interviews with big names like Tony Robbins and Seth Godin. They offer wise words for business and life. For young entrepreneurs, these interviews are golden nuggets of advice.10 By subscribing to Marie’s channel, anyone in the event planning business can learn to make their dreams real. It’s a place tailor-made to help entrepreneurs from all sectors.9

Adam Erhart’s Channel: Energetic and Research-Backed Marketing Advice

The first source highlights Adam Erhart. He’s a marketing expert with over 75,000 YouTube subscribers1. Erhart makes videos based on solid research and his extensive marketing experience. His top playlists discuss topics like social media marketing, business tactics, and digital skills.

Erhart’s videos are known for being lively and grounded in research. He explores new marketing trends and strategies in depth. This lets viewers apply his insights to boost their own businesses.

If you want to upgrade your social media, create better marketing plans, or understand digital marketing better, watch Adam Erhart’s channel. He communicates clearly and offers practical advice. You’ll gain valuable tips to improve your marketing strategies.1

Behind the Brand: Inside Look at Successful Brands

The “Behind the Brand” YouTube channel is a great chance to see top brands up close.11 Bryan Elliott talks with big names like Seth Godin and Mel Robbins. They tackle what makes their businesses work so well.

Viewers get a special peek at how these leaders make their moves. They can then use this info in their own marketing.11 This way, anyone in digital marketing can pick up new tricks and fresh ideas.

The show is for both new and experienced marketers. It’s packed with info on how successful businesses think.11 Learning from the best helps you improve your own strategies, making your brand stand out more.

LYFE Marketing: Traditional and Digital Marketing Principles

LYFE Marketing is a top agency appearing on the Inc 5000 list twice. It’s a key source for digital marketers and agencies. Their YouTube channel teaches traditional and digital marketing basics. This helps viewers understand the strategies needed to do well in marketing today.1

The LYFE Marketing team makes videos on many marketing topics. They cover everything from creating effective strategies to using the latest digital methods. This info is great for those in the field wanting to be on top. The agency has won awards from top places like Clutch and Manifest.1

If you’re into marketing or just getting started, check out the LYFE Marketing YouTube channel. It’s full of insights and tips from experts. Learn how to rock both traditional and digital marketing here.1

The world of digital marketing is always changing. It’s essential for marketers to keep learning and be flexible. LYFE Marketing’s YouTube channel is a goldmine for this. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to boost their marketing skills and knowledge.12

best youtube channels for digital marketing

Vanessa Lau: Social Media Marketing Expert

Vanessa Lau’s YouTube channel is a top pick for those into social media marketing. She talks about platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Vanessa shares her story about leaving her job in a big company. She then grew her own social media marketing business from nothing to $100,000 per month in less than a year.1

Email Marketing and Productivity Tips

Besides social media, Vanessa Lau’s channel dives into email marketing and productivity too. She gives tips for making digital marketing work easier and more efficient. This helps marketers achieve better results in less time.1

Michael Hyatt: Leadership and Motivation for Marketers

Michael Hyatt’s YouTube channel is packed with content on leadership and motivation. This is true even if marketing isn’t the main topic.1 He led Thomas Nelson Publishers as CEO. Today, he’s known for his blog and best-selling book, “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.”1

Hyatt talks about topics that help marketers, like finding your leadership style. He also shares advice on the mindset and habits you need for success in digital marketing today.13 Marketers love his real talks and the wisdom he shares on growing both personally and professionally.

If you’re experienced or just starting out in marketing, you’ll find Hyatt’s insights valuable. His channel refreshes the usual topics with new views on leadership and motivation. These are key for success in digital marketing’s changing world.13 His content is a change from the typical ‘how-to’ stuff, helping you see the bigger picture of what works.

Rick Kettner: Book Recommendations for Marketers

If you’re a digital marketer looking to level up your skills, check out Rick Kettner’s YouTube channel. He gives in-depth book reviews and impactful recommendations for your business.14

Kettner’s collection includes both timeless classics and recent hits. For example, he dives into “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,” a classic by Al Ries and Jack Trout. He also looks at newer books like “Traction” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares, discussing 19 marketing channels.14

He also suggests key reads for marketers. Donald Miller’s “Marketing Made Simple” explains how to enhance five marketing areas, like website development.14 Miller also recommends “Contagious” by Jonah Berger, which looks at making your brand more viral.14

Additionally, Kettner pushes the importance of clear messaging. Books like “Building A StoryBrand” by Donald Miller and “This Is Marketing” by Seth Godin are on his list.15 He also talks about trust-building with “The Language of Trust” by Michael Maslansky.15 Plus, the value of making customer experiences smoother with “Friction” by Roger Dooley.15

While it’s true viewers might go missing while reading Kettner’s suggested books, the insights are worth it. He brings a lot to the table by picking out the best marketing books.14 So, if you want to get into the marketing best-sellers and boost your digital game, subscribing to his channel is a smart move.

Entrepreneur Online: Motivation for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Entrepreneur Online’s YouTube channel stands out for more than marketing tips.13 It’s a treasure trove of motivation, with amazing videos by top marketing experts. They speak to the spirit of starting something new, which is in many marketers and entrepreneurs.

This channel doesn’t just talk business. It dives into personal growth and strategic thinking, inspiring people working in business and online marketing.13 You’ll see talks meant to motivate, interviews with people who made it big, and guides on how to grow your business step by step.

The emotional journey of building something is often overlooked. But not by Entrepreneur Online. Its videos focus on the right mindset and how to stay strong when things get tough.13 This helps those starting or growing their own businesses find the strength and energy they need.

If you dream of running your own business or are already knee-deep in marketing, this channel is a gem.13 It’s full of diverse content and insights that will make you think. It’s a key watch for improving your game in business and marketing.

Moz and Ahrefs: In-Depth SEO Tutorials

Many popular YouTube channels cover digital marketing broadly. But Moz and Ahrefs shine in the SEO world. They provide detailed tutorials on search engine optimization (SEO).

Beginner-Friendly SEO Education

Moz’s YouTube channel is a hidden gem worth exploring. It simplifies SEO for beginners, covering on-page optimization and link building. The WhiteBoard Friday series offers advice from top experts.1617 It has over 92,000 subscribers, helping people of all levels.

Ahrefs is also great for deep SEO learning. With more than 450,000 subscribers, it’s a top choice for marketers. You’ll find tutorials on keyword research and technical SEO. Ahrefs is among the leading SEO YouTube channels for 2023.

Advanced SEO Techniques and Tool Usage

Moz and Ahrefs dig deep into advanced SEO strategies. Moz covers expert topics like link building and on-page SEO. Ahrefs explores a broad range, including keyword research and technical optimizations. It shows off their powerful tools.

The Ahrefs channel has over 520,000 subscribers. It’s essential for serious SEO professionals. Both Moz and Ahrefs lead in the SEO tutorial space.


In summary, the top 10 YouTube channels in this article share insights, strategies, and tutorials. They are great for digital marketers wanting to be on top. For instance, Neil Patel’s channel has over 1.18 million subscribers and 1.3K videos3. Moz’s channel, with 89.7K subscribers3, also covers many digital marketing topics like SaaS marketing and SEO.

This article shows how important YouTube is for digital marketing learning. The platform has billions of users18. Channels like Hootsuite Social Media, HubSpot, Moz, and Neil Patel have big followings. They offer quality content that keeps marketers informed about the latest trends and strategies18.

If you are in digital marketing, these YouTube channels are perfect for you, no matter the level of your expertise. They provide tons of information to help you meet your marketing goals. By learning from these experts, you can boost your digital marketing skills and keep up in the changing digital environment.


What are the best YouTube channels for learning digital marketing?

Some top YouTube channels for digital marketing are Dan Martell’s for SaaS and startup marketing. Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel gives great marketing insights, and HubSpot focuses on inbound marketing strategies. Marie Forleo’s channel is good for business and improving yourself. Look for Adam Erhart’s research-based advice and for SEO, try channels like Moz/Ahrefs.

Why are YouTube channels valuable for digital marketers?

YouTube is a key learning hub for marketers when offline events are out of reach. It offers expert advice from professionals across various fields. Marketers can upgrade their skills and find motivation here.

What kind of content can you find on Dan Martell’s YouTube channel?

Dan Martell’s channel helps SaaS and startup founders grow their businesses quickly. He talks about branding, marketing, project management, and researching markets for SaaS companies.

What makes Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel stand out?

Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel is unique because of his personality and valuable mentorship. With millions of subscribers, he covers marketing, business, and self-improvement topics.

What kind of content can you find on HubSpot’s YouTube channel?

HubSpot’s channel shares Inbound Conference keynotes. It also highlights their expertise in inbound marketing to help marketers.

What is unique about Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel?

Marie Forleo’s channel has captivating interviews with top leaders and focuses on self-improvement and business strategies.

What are the key focus areas of Adam Erhart’s YouTube channel?

Adam Erhart offers marketing advice based on deep research and experience. He covers social media, business, and digital marketing strategies.

What can you learn from the “Behind the Brand” YouTube channel?

The “Behind the Brand” channel shows the inside stories of famous brands. Host Bryan Elliott talks to successful entrepreneurs and big thinkers about their marketing success secrets.

What kind of content can you find on the LYFE Marketing YouTube channel?

LYFE Marketing’s videos cover basics of traditional and digital marketing. It’s perfect for marketing agencies and marketers, offering strategy and tips.

What can you learn from Vanessa Lau’s YouTube channel?

Vanessa Lau teaches social media marketing on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She shares how she turned her business from zero to 0,000 a month in a year.

What type of content can you find on Michael Hyatt’s YouTube channel?

Michael Hyatt’s focus is on leadership and motivation. Even if not discussing marketing, his experiences as a former CEO provide valuable lessons.

What can you expect from Rick Kettner’s YouTube channel?

Rick Kettner recommends top business and marketing books on his channel. But since you’ll be busy reading his recommendations, you might not come back to the videos very soon.

What makes Entrepreneur Online’s YouTube channel valuable?

Entrepreneur Online’s videos are great for motivation and insights, not just marketing advice. They feature top speakers, inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit in marketers.

What can you learn from Moz’s YouTube channel?

Moz’s YouTube offers great SEO insights and expertise. It simplifies complex topics, bringing timely SEO information to viewers.

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